Securian Retirement is a community-based retirement expert who focuses on helping employers and employees with retirement issues, helping them choose the right retirement plans, and providing excellent services.


Securian helps its clients choose the best retirement plans and their benefits. They provide excellent retirement services by enlightening their clients about retirement plans.


Securian retirement helps employers and industries solve their retirement needs and worries. One can sorely depend on securian financial industry for retirement expertise, outstanding services, and custom retirement plan solutions.




They have offered quality retirement plans since 1930, which means they know all the nooks and crannies of the job. They know how to monitor and invest in their business to ensure they continue to provide meaningful services. Their first employer is still with them up to date due to the good relationship they have with the company.


Securian Retirement has a 100 percent overall satisfaction rate and has retained 96 percent of client assets in 2021 under their administration. Their oldest client has worked with them for 13 years.




Securian Retirement works for different employers in a wide array of industries to evaluate all types of retirement solutions and get the right one that will be suitable for their employees. Some of the retirement plans vary from 401(k), 403(b), and PEP pooled employer plans to define the benefits and pension risk transfer products.


They serve diverse organizations and industries of all structures and sizes, with a focus on those with $100 million to $300 million to plan their retirement. They have more than $31 billion in total assets under administration since December 31, 2021.


They have been helping clients reach their goals after retirement for over 140 years, so they make every moment count.



They offer different varieties of retirement solutions. They include:

  1. 401(k): This is a retirement savings plan offered by most American employers that enable employees to contribute annually. 401(k)s offer numerous tax advantages. It is named after a section in the US Internal Revenue Code. A lot of employees sign up for this securian retirement plan because of the low tax charges.
  2. Profit sharing: This is a retirement savings plan in the U.S. that is an agreement that establishes a pension plan maintained by the employer to share a portion of its profits with its employees. For example, if an employer shares 20% of its annual profit and the business generates $200,000 in a fiscal year, it will allocate a share of the profit to every employee.
  3. Pooled employer plan: It is also a retirement savings plan that allows unrelated businesses to participate in one project managed by a pooled plan provider.
  4. Cash balance: This is a type of retirement savings in which every employee has a hypothetical account that is credited with a dollar amount. No employee contribution is allowed, so your savings will tend to grow slower than other types of retirement savings accounts. You will have to wait until you reach a certain age, like 59 or 60 years old, before you can withdraw from your account.
  5. Pension risk transfer: this type of retirement savings occurs when a pension provider seeks to remove all or some of its right to pay a guaranteed retirement income to participants.
  6. 403 (b): This retirement savings plan is offered to tax-exempt organizations. Employees save for retirement by contributing to individual accounts, and employers too can contribute to the same account. It is frequently used in public schools and by 501(c)(3) organizations.
  7. Defined pension or benefit: This retirement savings is funded by the employer and given to the employee. The employee benefits more because an employer will make promises for a certain amount of money or lump sum to be paid into the employee’s retirement account. It is like a payout that is determined by some factors like age, work duration, or salary.



Securian retirement has so many benefits, including for the employer and employee. They are:

  • A continuous flow of income: Even after retirement, the retirement account is designed to provide a steady flow of income to take care of its clients’ needs. Without a retirement plan, you will have to continue working after your retirement. Securian tends to take care of your needs when you stop working. For example, if you retire by this year, you will have some money in your securian retirement account to cater to your needs.
  • Financial stability: Securian retirement gives you and your family a stable income when you stop working. It gives you peace of mind, so even when your retirement time is approaching, you won’t worry about your financial needs.
  • securian retirement gives your family all your retirement benefits after your death, whether you are in service or out of service.




If you are an employer or an employee and you want your account to be managed online, you can visit or, or call 1 800 233-2881.



Securian Retirement is a retirement expert that helps you plan your retirement. They provide you with excellent retirement services and plans. They also guide you on the best retirement plans suitable for you. They have so many years of working experience with satisfied clients all over America.



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