Touchstone Investments is an active investment firm, active in the sense that it discovered that not all mutual fund companies are created equal. This investment was formed to counter the usual inequalities in investment firms.

Touchstone Investments has the goal of actively following all the integrated and rigorous processes of employing, identifying, and partnering with asset managers who follow the right procedures to advocate for good mutual funds.

Touchstone funds are recognized nationally through intermediaries, for example, registered investment advisors, broker-dealers, Touchstone Security Institutions, and financial planners.

Touchstone Investments has helped so many investors achieve their desired financial goals and objectives by giving them strict access to a distinctive selection of asset managers who are recognized for their proficiency in their areas of specialty.

These managers are known for their expertise in their various fields. Touchstone gives investors a holistic service without bias or preferences; they tend to opt out for the best asset managers for their investors.

Blake Moore Jr., being the CEO and president of this firm, has impacted the company so much. Under his management, he has acquired a $75 billion fund for the company.



A mutual fund is a firm that pools money from different investors and invests the money in things like securities, for example, short-term debt, stocks, bonds, etc. The whole of the holdings put together is known as a portfolio.

The investors buy shares, which represent the shareholders’ ownership and the income they generate. This mutual fund makes Touchstone Investment Company outstanding more than the rest. Mutual funds are their point of operation.



Mutual funds have a wide range of impacts and values for investors in general. In fact, an investor cannot do without this fund due to its benefits, which are:

1. Professional management: This is one of the benefits of mutual funds. The manager helps you do the research, monitor the performance, and select the securities.

2. Diversification: One of the major benefits. The manager ensures that you have multiple investment streams that generate different types of income for you. They help you invest in so many other companies that are conducive to investment. This protects you from risk in case one company fails.

3. Affordability: Mutual funds are so affordable that everybody who wants to invest can do so. They set a relatively low amount for intending investors and other purchases.

4. Liquidity: Mutual fund investors can easily pull out their shares at any time they deem fit. If they don’t like the company, they can sell their shares. You can easily access your asset.




Touchstone Investments, which are linked to mutual funds, come in a variety of forms. They are money market investments, bond fund investments, stock fund investments, and target date fund investments.

1. Market Investment: They are risk-free. They are permitted to make high-quality, short-term investments. issued by US local governments, states, federal agencies, and corporations.

2. Bond fund investment: Bond funds are riskier than market funds because they produce higher returns. There are different types of bond funds with different risks and returns; these types can vary drastically.

3. Stock-fund investment: This type of touchstone investment is at the corporate level. There are different types of stock funds, and they are not the same. For example, growth stocks, income funds, investments, index funds, and sector funds

a) Growth stock investment: As one of the types of stock fund investments, growth stocks do not always pay a regular dividend but can provide higher financial returns.

b) Income-Fund Investment: They invest in stocks that pay a normal or regular dividend. They enjoy an absolutely regular dividend.

c) Index Fund Investment: An example of this type of investment is the Standard and Poor’s  500 index. They target a particular market’s index.

d) Sector fund: It focuses on a particular company’s segment.

4. Target-date fund investment: It has features of both bonds, stocks, and other investments. With time, the fund balance shifts according to the strategy funds. This investment is known as a “lifecycle fund,” and it is best for people who plan to retire by a specific date.



i) Dividend and interest: A particular fund can earn income through interest and dividends almost all the time. These can accumulate wealth for an average person.

ii) Capital gain distribution: If the stock price rises above the normal security cost, the company will almost certainly distribute the excess funds to all shareholders. For example, if a stock is valued at $2,000 and later goes up to $2,500, the remaining $500 will be shared among the shareholders.

iii) Fund share price increase: You can as well sell your fund share for a profit. For example, just like in capital gain distribution, you can decide to sell your own share of the top-up money for a profit.



It’s important for one to own one stock or the other because it has a lot of benefits. It has been proven that stock investment is the best way for the average person to build wealth in the US. Stocks outperform savings, gold, and savings accounts.

1) Retirement benefits: some of the stock, like target stock, is for lifecycle. It comes with retirement benefits because it is designed for those who have their retirement date at hand.

2) wealth distribution: Touchstone Investment can make an average person acquire wealth through dividends, interest, the sale of stocks, etc.

3) reduces inflation: if there is inflation, your savings or interest will not be affected, saving you against inflation.

4) Diverse Income: Stocks can give you multiple streams of income in the blink of an eye. They keep you from putting all your eggs in one basket.



a) You can call Touchstone Investment Company at 866-782-1480.

b) You can log on to  this website for more information

c) Visit their office at 303 Broadway, Suite 1100, Cincinnati, OH 45202, US.



Touchstone Investment is beneficial for everybody because mutual funds are one of its crucial investment pools. They direct your investment decisions. They are very affordable and suitable for all social classes.

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