Champion Investments is a consulting firm that links people to properties and other forms of investment. It links people to the right rental property. This implies that the company’s portfolio manages a large number of residential and commercial properties.

Champion Investments has gained a lot of popularity and recognition over the course of its services, which span over three decades. Among other services, the firm provides solutions for investment growth and progress for individuals and/or organizations.

Champion Investments enables its clients to grow their money over time on properties. They are a property consulting firm that helps individuals choose the right properties to invest in. There is always something for everyone at Champion Investments, as they have various packages.

It is a private equity firm based in Houston, Texas, in the United States. Apart from property investment, they also take care of investments in healthcare, real estate, products, etc. It operates as a capital-venture firm. The company focuses on merging ideas and identifying and developing investment capital.

They help you invest in your future by using technology and expertise put together to ensure your money grows under your watch and is safe as well.

They help you grow your money by creating a sustainable and traditional portfolio created to fit any investment risk.

They collaborate with a solid team of experts who are in charge of over £3 billion in assets invested for over 4,000 clients and have a combined 25 years of experience.

There is low risk and a high return on investment (ROI). There is always something for everyone.




As a property management company, they have features that make the company outstanding. They are;

Payment of rent: clients can pay rent from any part of the world. Champion Investments has an automatic setup that enables clients to pay online. For example, if you are out of time and your rent is due, you can pay online on their portal, which is this link

Submit maintenance request: As a client, you can easily submit your maintenance request online without calling or visiting their office.

Seamless communication: They have 24/7 customer service. They have a good communication link. That makes clients comfortable when we communicate with them seamlessly. You can contact them via phone at (704) 481-1467 or (704) 481-1167, or via email at

Renters’ insurance: they have insurance coverage for clients that don’t have any insurance coverage. They also provide insurance coverage for clients.

They often display vacant apartments for rent online. One can actually view vacant space with the assigned prices on it.




They make you feel as if you have rented the best place for your commercial or residential needs at Champion Investment. They have a special and caring property management service that makes one feel like he is in safe hands. They make a house a home for clients to reside in, including a good or conducive atmosphere.

In Shelby, North Carolina, they have about an hour of customer service, which makes our portfolio manage a wide range of commercial or residential property. You can select the best option and budget for your needs.

With a variety of floor plans, neighborhood features, and amenities, one can select the one that is best suited to his needs and budget. There are always different choices for different people. You can actually choose based on your personal preferences.

Champion Investment has high value for people and society. They have well-mannered customer service, and their property is well-maintained. They treat everyone with the right value under any circumstances. They have properties that will suit your needs regardless of your lifestyle.




Champion Investments is a place where international or local investors who want to start rental real estate investing can confidently trust this firm for excellent, satisfactory, and exceptional service.

Champion Investment can manage a wide range of radius in an hour. In Shelby, this enables investors to reach their maximum investment motives and goals.

They also provide maintenance service, tenant management, and finance to investors at an affordable rate with a low monthly management fee. Some of the management services are:

  1. Advertisement: Due to their high and serious advertising platform, their apartments are rented quickly. They have extensive marketing plans for every property. Carolina is a fast-rising state, and Champion Investment has a good online platform for tenants to reach out and see a vacant space for rent, which is a good property. There are also signs posted on the property showing vacant space. They also have other avenues they advertise on, sometimes they employ real estate agents, colleges, etc., which makes it accessible for everyone in North Carolina. They had a variety of advertising platforms through which tenants could reach out.
  1. Rent collection: Rents are collected on time and efficiently, which will be remitted to the owners of the property. In a case where a tenant refuses to pay on time, legal action will be taken against the tenant, or in the case of eviction, it will be done accordingly. Champion Investment has a standby attorney in case of any legal matters.
  1. Tenant screening: Before leasing our apartment to tenants, there is always a thorough background check on the tenant, for example, that checks the tenant’s criminal background, credit history, eviction history, employment verification, and rental history. All these are checked, all monies are remitted, and documents are signed before releasing the key to the intending tenant.
  1. Maintenance: Champion Investment has a very high culture of maintenance. They believe that the protection and upkeep of an apartment are important because they add value to your property and ensure customer satisfaction. They have contractors on standby in case of any emergencies.
  1. Accounting: They have a good tracking system to adequately oversee your property, even from a distance. They have a good technological track record.
  1. Fee: Before they start advertising your property, a particular fee will be paid, like $100, to get started or to register. There is no commission for vacant space; rather, if your tenant moves in, you will pay a maintenance fee. Let Champion Investment oversee your property, whether it is a residential or commercial property.



Champion Investment manages property in areas like:

  • Shelby
  • Greenville
  • Charlotte
  • Asheville
  • Hickory in North Carolina.

For more inquiries, you can contact them.

Contact information


Address: 5850 San Felipe Street, Suite 111, Houston, TX 77057, USA.

Call : (704) 481-1467

Email: or

Fax: (704) 481-1167


Champion Investments is a place for property owners in North Carolina. It is the safest and most peaceful place where you can manage your property. They have a very wide coverage plan and maintenance culture.

Here, the tenants are satisfied, as are the property owners. They have different apartments that suit the lifestyles of different people. There is something for everyone at Champion Investment. They make a house a home for everyone. They make your investment achieve its return with low risk. A trial can convince you.


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