If you are thinking of engaging in financial services in Chicago, USA, consider Ariel Investments. Ariel is an investment company that specializes in mid-capitalized or small-stock businesses in the United States.

The company is currently the largest minority investment firm in Chicago. Ariel helps both the American of African decent community of Bronzeville and non-profitable firms grow and achieve their goals.

From another angle, the company can be seen as an investment firm, which implies it maintains assets for both individuals and institutional clients through nine separate strategy accounts and five no-load funds.


Ariel Investments is a global asset management company, founded in 1983 by John W. Rogers Jr. The rationale behind this company was to fulfill John’s childhood hobby of picking high-quality stock, which started when he was 12.

He studied at “the greats,” where he was well groomed, John could get any valued manager that met his quality at that time, which led him to establish the first-ever investment company in Chicago, known today as Ariel Investments.

Mellody Hopson was appointed co-CEO of the company in 2000. Ariel Investment has about 107 employees. The company had $15 billion in assets as of January 31, 2021.

Mayor Daley’s new school initiative program awarded Ariel Investments as a corporate sponsor to public schools in Chicago in 1996. Until now, the Ariel Community Academy in Southside Chicago, USA, has received this award.

Ariel Investments’ headquarters is in Chicago, with many offices in New York, Sydney, and San Francisco.

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The company has core objectives and values. All ramifications of the investment are guided by the aims and objectives. The values are:

  • Bold teamwork
  • Active patient
  • Independent thinking
  • Focused expertise
  1. Bold teamwork: teamwork is the glue that holds Ariel’s investments together. It consists of confidence, humility, and no man winning. It is the belief that they can only win as a team and not individually. Candor builds greatness, value, trust, and respect. They encourage one another to do better, and they grow together.
  2. Active patient: Ariel Investment believes that good results take time. They believe that is progress. While they are patient, they are not static. They actively opt out of providing value to clients who trust them with their financial futures. They think long-term and overlook the horizon, thereby not minding the euphoria of the moment.
  3. Independent thinking: In a world full of different people with different genetic factors and high competition, Ariel Investment seeks to develop its own idea. They tend to improve their own ideas, from which they build their value.
  4. Focused expertise: They focus more on the onions than doing so many things at the same time. Years of experience and decades of knowledge



  1. Seeking discounts to intrinsic: Ariel Investment seeks value in a company, not just its stock price. They believe in high-quality, undervalued businesses. A long-term horizon, they believe, is the best time to achieve an absolutely strong and relatively risk-adjusted return from the entire stock market. For example, buying shares from a company that is suffering from pessimism, undue negativity, and excessive shortages gives a margin of safety. This means that Ariel sees beyond her present predicament.
  2. Embedding risk management in every step: Unlike other managers, Ariel Investment screens for risk rather than growth and value. They eliminate low-quality companies and embrace those that have stood the test of time. They check the company’s ups and downs, including the downside, to know the company’s strength. These strategies aid in revealing the company’s blind spots.
  3. Integrating ESG: Ariel uses this approach to examine the company on a case-by-case basis. They seek to improve, engage as a new investor in a fresh environment, and address social and governance issues.
  4. Investing to our conviction: Ariel’s investment goal is to build the best investment ideas. They check investments thoroughly before indulging, in order to get the best result. They focus more on avoiding losers than winners.



There are numerous advantages to Ariel’s investment.

  • Insurance benefit
  • Retirement benefits
  • Vacation policy


You invest in a mutual fund by submitting your bank draft or cheque at Ariel Investment Office at 200 East Randolph Street, Suite 2900, Chicago, Illinois 60601, USA.

You can check Ariel Investment’s website at


Ariel Investment is a mutual fund for all. They have a lot of objectives and values, which make them outstanding. These values include their mode of investment, ideas, aims, etc. It is an investment with no regrets because it will carry you along, and they take their time before investing your money. Do you have any questions? use the comment section below.

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