Investment 360 is a group of private investments that focuses on the improvement and acquisition of the Health Care System(HCS). It comprises early intervention, senior care facilities, rehabilitation, and durable medical equipment.

It maintains a diverse portfolio for strategic investment planning and seeks high-growth opportunities in other industries such as real estate, manufacturing, and finance.

The group has the primary aim of equipping the companies they invest in resources, knows how to drive their respective  company goals, and has an outstanding track record. It specializes in health care facilities like trained nurses, medical equipment, and innovation. It also has other aspects, but it focuses more on health care services.

Investment 360 was founded in 2006 by healthcare professionals. They focused on expanding already established businesses to yield profits. It is generally a portfolio of investments, specialized trained nurses, and DME.

The care system has also assisted distressed firms in becoming profitable pioneers by transforming them into profitable healthcare industries, building value and care, and assisting them in restoring their values and goals.

Investment 360 is known for its flexibility, discretion, and efficiency. These qualities have earned them recognition. There are a lot of injected ideas, innovation, care facilities, reduction, and building efficiency in the healthcare sector. It allows owners to reinvest while they innovate the idea, management, operation, and environment on a step-by-step to meet the basic needs of the industry.






This investment operates a variety of structures, indicating that there is something for everyone. Some of the structures include:

a. Recapitalization
b. Earn out payment
c. Mergers
d. Asset and stock purchases
e. Equality rollover contributions
f. Growth investment.



There are numerous investments in this company, which has a wide and variety of structures. It is classified under assets and cash.

1. Defensive investment: One of the investment packages rendered by investment 360. It generates consistent income as opposed to the firm’s increasing value and time.¬† It covers the fixed interest and cash interest.

2. Cash investment: It covers a high savings account. The main role of this investment is that it provides income stability through interest payments. It is the least risky form of investment due to inflation. The value of your money can decrease due to inflation. For example, this could happen if the prices of services and goods go up more than the normal price.

3. Fixed interest Investment: This form of investment includes;

  • Corporate bond
  • Term deposit
  • Government bond.

Bounds are loans given to companies or the government for a particular period of time. As usual, there is a regular interest paid to the investor until the investor decides to take back his or her money. You will always get less value for your money than you invest. It is a low-risk investment.

This allows you to earn a certain amount of interest until the stipulated time for the withdrawal. It is determined by the amount invested. It keeps your money for the duration of the term. At the end of the mutual agreement, the money will be repaid to the investor.

4. Growth investment: This is a different type of investment that earns you more money than defensive investments. It increases your interest value as time goes on and can also reduce your money. It goes up and down, which means you can also lose money and value at the same time.

There are two kinds of growth investment which are shares and property.
Shares: a unit of a share signifies a point of ownership, it represents ownership in a company. It is bought and sold on the stock market. Its value can also rise depending on the company’s profit rate. For example, you can resell your share at a higher price than when you bought it. Its value rises as time goes on.

You can also benefit from company benefits (dividends) or other monetary values distributed to shareholders. It is best for long-term investors who can endure the rise and fall of the shares. It has a low risk, and it has actually given a better returns than the other.
Property: It includes:

  • warehouse (industrial property)
  • Shops or business space
  • Commercial property
  • Hotel
  • Residential properties like units or houses.

Its value, like that of stocks, rises over time. The value of property may rise due to a time factor or development in that area. For example, you buy property in 2023 for $3000, you may sell it in 2033 for $40,000, depending.

5. Recapitalization: Cash flow is the backbone of any company, when there is an adequate flow of cash, every plan is running smoothly. A company needs to have a good cash flow system. When there is a shortage, the company needs to be recapitalized by new investors. The investor makes huge cash over time with these means.




  • Value added Tax exemption: There is no payment of tax at the time of investment. For example, when you lease or sell your property, tax value will not be added to it.
  • Custom duty exemption: No custom value will be added to it within the period. It is not a payment of customs duty.
  • Interest or dividend: A monetary support provided during the term of an investment loan. During the investment period, an investor will receive continuous interest or a dividend. This interest is outside the money you invested.
  • Others are;
  • Value-added refund
  • Investment place allocation
  • Insurance premium for workers
  • Income tax withholding support



You can apply online at their website or visit their office at Lakewood township, new Jersey, 08701 USA.


Investment 360 means total investment. They are the voice for the voiceless in the industry sector. They require businesses to attend to their goals and objectives. They are investors in the healthcare sector but also invest in other sectors like real estate, financial institutions, schools, etc. They are intended to assist industries by re-capitalizing undercapitalized ones.

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