The Tesla warranty is a vehicle guarantee that helps its users with an extended vehicle warranty. It applies to all Tesla vehicles across the globe.

Tesla is an auto industry that builds vehicles that are powered by electrical or solar energy. It is all a company founded by a couple named Nokia and Tesla, named after their names, of which Elon Musk is the current CEO since 2008 to date because he is the largest shareholder. The company was founded in 2003. It has dominated the industry and is also known for producing electrified vehicles (EVs). It is the world’s best-electrified vehicle, as evidenced by its high profile in society today.

Tesla’s mission is to build a world powered by solar energy, batteries, and electric vehicles that will be used in our daily lives. The Tesla warranty is the guarantee premium given to Tesla product users by the company (Tesla). It has different warranty plans mapped out to help the user enjoy the product. It is designed to take care of the necessary things needed for the vehicle to keep moving. The Tesla Warranty covers the cost of the repair and replacement of faulty parts related to the manufacturing problems, like seatbelts, airbags, brake pads, and tires. It can provide coverage for nearly 5 years from the date of purchase.

The Tesla product is one of the most popular electric vehicles, and it is widely used by society’s upper class. Some of the care plan packages are free, depending on when you activate your plan.




There are many care plans offered by the Tesla brand. Some of these plans are used depending on the product the customer is using or the one they bought; they are not lifetime plans, which means they are for a specific period of time.

  1. Bumper-to-bumper warranty: it can be referred to as a “basic limited warranty” and covers the replacement of the defective parts of the vehicle. It excludes damages caused by external factors like windshields and rust, and it also excludes brake and tire breakdowns, but outside those listed above, it covers other breakdowns. It is limited to certain parts; it is not a full guarantee plan; it is only designed for some parts and not for every part.
  2. Supplemental restraint system warranty: it covers the repair and replacement of defective parts such as seatbelts and airbags, which are fondly referred to as SRS. It covers over 5 years or 600,000 miles.
  3. Battery and drive limited warranty: This is one of the most commonly used Tesla warranties, and it is based on the product you purchased. The Tesla brand produces so many brands of vehicles, and the batteries are different, which is why they activate different warranty plans for different batteries. Some products and their warranty periods are as follows:
  • The warranty on the Model X and Model S is for 8 years or 150,000 miles, as well as 70% battery capacity retention.
  • Model 3 real-wheel drive: 8 years or 100,000 miles; it comes first with 70% battery retention and capacity within the guaranteed premium period.
  • Model 3 and Y have a battery life of 8 years and 100,000 miles with a 70% retention rate.

       4. Repair and Replace Guarantee: covers the removal of defective materials supplied by the Tesla brand under normal circumstances. It cannot change or repair defective areas caused by accidents or other circumstances; it can only respond to claims that they were damaged during normal use.

       5. Used vehicle limited warranty: immediately after the basic limited warranty, the used vehicle limited warranty comes into play. It gives an additional guarantee, gives the user of a Tesla product peace of mind, and covers a period of 4 years or 50,000 miles. It is an extended Tesla warranty product that comes up after the expiration of the basic plan. It is only available for two products, namely, the Model S and Model X, although other endurance plans are available. See ENDURANCE WARRANTY LAWSUIT


It starts the moment the manufacturer’s warranty ends or expires, or when you buy your product from a third party. It is a unique package plan because it repairs and replaces defective parts, there are still some that cannot be replaced or repaired by them. They are: batteries and drive unit; paint (emissions); tire and wheel; brake pads and alignment; lightning; sheet metal; and weather stripping, including shock absorber.

There are situations that exclude repair, they are:

  • Repair by unauthorized personnel.
  • Purchase by a third party
  • Accident
  • Commercial use
  • Paint issues from the outside, etc.

This extended warranty is for the repair and replacement of defective parts on the vehicle. Take note that Tesla products are not like any other products, but they still have some similarities. This is because it is not an engine repair warranty plan, it is a Tesla warranty for the replacement or repair of, for example, bodies, parts, emission issues, and engine breakdowns.

It is the replacement of parts purchased directly from a Tesla center or website. For example, if you purchase a part directly from Tesla, you can request that the same defective part be repaired or replaced if it is damaged during normal use.

This warranty plan begins the day it is purchased and has different lifespans, namely:

  • for four years, wall connectors
  • Sheet mental lifespan is limited.
  • Drive the unit for 50 miles or 5 years.
  • The media control unit, 2 years.

     6. Optional Extended plan: It is another type of Tesla warranty when you have exhausted the other warranty plans.

For more information, visit the Tesla office at the gigafactory in Austin, Texas, or go to www.tesla.com


The Tesla warranty is unlike other automobile warranty plans; it needs adequate attention before you can activate the plan. It is widely used around the globe.

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