Feather insurance has gained a good number of subscribers in Germany over the years. One still wonders how they have achieved this feat in a niche that is so competitive. This may be attributed to their transparency, which has brought all and sundry to the company.

Feather as it is popularly called is a known insurance broker with the interest of assisting both industry experts and the general public who want to key into insurance. The company is in business to provide individuals (especially novices) with the proper way to handle their insurance applications and connect them to the most reliable insurance companies.

All their policies are written in English, making it a top-notch insurance institution to reckon with. Feather Insurance was established in 2018, but since then, they have maintained goal-oriented policies that have kept their customers for the past 5 years and still counting.

In this article, we have examined, or rather, explored, the tendency of this Berlin-based insurance company to take over the industry in the years to come. What makes the company stand out, there are many coverages and packages to choose from, but more specifically, health insurance.

As mentioned above, their key coverage is health insurance. Under this, we have public health, private health, expat health, and dental health. Under basic insurance, we have personal liability, household, bike insurance, etc. While under life insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, legal insurance, etc.

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There have been lots of debates on whether insurance in some countries is worth it. This is a result of some reviews done over the years. Frankly speaking, the gains associated with insurance, especially health-related ones, can never be overemphasized. However, there are two ways to review the cost of insurance in Germany.

Cost of private insurance in Germany

The cost of private insurance in Germany is not standardized, which implies that the prices differ for each provider. For instance, an average of 10% is deductible, and dental coverage is limited to 1,500 EUR annually, while the monthly fee can be divided as follows:

i. 185 EUR–265 EUR for 25 years old
ii. 230 EUR-235 EUR for 35 years old
iii. 265 EUR–370 EUR for 45 years old
iv. 500 EUR–740 EUR for 60 years old

Cost of public insurance in Germany

Depending on an individual’s status, public insurance in Germany is usually the same across all platforms. This implies between 14.6% and 17.0% of an individual’s gross income. In more practical terms, freelancers and people who are self-employed pay more when compared with employees. For employees, half of their premium is taken care of by their employers.

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Feather-weight health insurance is always the preferred option for people in Germany. In this insurance niche, you can choose from either private or public health. These two options come with different package benefits that make each very attractive.

For instance, public health insurance, also known as Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung (in German), is the most common insurance one can get in Germany’s health niche. Everyone gets this form of insurance once they start working, and from this, they make percentage payments between 14.0% and 17.0% of their total gross income.

Private insurance, which is otherwise known as Privatversicherung, is the second option for getting health insurance in Germany. This has been described as less popular than public insurance because an employee has to earn annually 64,350 EUR to be part of private insurance.


As stated above, Feather Insurance is not an insurance company per se; rather, they are in business to provide you with assistance and link you to reliable insurance companies in Germany. All the insurance assistance they provide can benefit students, employees, self-employed individuals, expats, the unemployed, freelancers, etc.

The company is accessible through its online platform on its webpage Anyone can make use of their 24/7 active site and get assistance in English. This company also offers help to individuals seeking visa insurance applications. Coverage for this application can be offered within 2 minutes of the application, and the coverage per month is 72 EUR.


From all indications, the Feather Insurance Company is regarded as a reliable broker to trust in the business of insurance. As we stated, their goal is to connect you with insurance companies that will meet your needs. Our research shows that the beneficiaries of this company in Germany are numerous, and this implies their authenticity. For instance, reviews by customers on Trustpilot show that we are right in recommending Feather Insurance to you.

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