The UCSB access card, also known as the University of California, Santa Barbara access card, is one of the most vital tools used by students. The access card gives students full access to some of the activities in the institution; without it, students are excluded from those activities that are beneficial to them.

Before we go into the importance of the UCSB access card, it is very vital that we discuss some aspects of the institution, e.g., history, academic impact, etc.


The University of California, Santa Barbara was established in the year 1891, 131 years ago. The institution has three undergraduate colleges; the College of Creative Studies, the College of Letters and Science, and the College of Engineering. The graduate school has two colleges; the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management and the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education.

Also, from the time of establishment till date, the school has gone through different management, scrutiny, and transformation. In 1891, the institution was known and addressed as Anna Blake School, with a focus on home economics and industrial arts. In 1909, the school was taken over and became the Santa Barbara State Normal School, later changed to Santa Barbara State College in 1921.

Later on, from 1944 to 1958, the institution’s name was changed to Santa Barbara College of the Universality of California. From the brief history of this great institution, one can deduce that the institution has gone through different transformation stages, under different managements. To this effect, there are benefits attached to schooling in such a great citadel of knowledge.


When it comes to varsities with high standards of teaching and learning and cutting-edge methods of imparting knowledge, the name the University of California, Santa Barbara stands out. The school has been awarded several meritorious awards due to the level they have maintained in American education standards.

  • Best Engineering Faculty: The University of California, Santa Barbara has been recognized for its tremendous efforts in training and influencing world-class engineering knowledge. As we mentioned earlier in this article, the university has the Faculty of Engineering as one of its famous faculties during the school’s establishment. The school has trained and is still training experts in that regard, some of whom have been bestowed with different awards, e.g., the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Beautiful Campus: Apart from having one of the best engineering faculties, the University of California, Santa Barbara has one of the most fascinating campuses you can ever think of. From the school structure to the beautiful landscaping, UCSB provides students with the best environment in which to learn, unlearn, unwind, and relax. If you are a lover of a beautiful environment or you want an amazing school for yourself or your child, think UCSB.
  • Reasonable Tuition: The University of California, Santa Barbara is one of the least expensive state universities in the country. All the departments are all up and doing in terms of classes and practicals for some specialties. According to a study by an education foundation in the US, the University of California, Santa Barbara gives hope to the teeming youths in the US of the hope of attending college with or without a huge income.
  • Financial Aid: As a student at the famous University of California, Santa Barbara, you have access to financial aid as long as you meet the criteria. Students in financial distress may be eligible for a $1,000 student loan, depending on their course of study, interest rate, and ability to meet the terms and conditions.



Staff and students of the university can order their UCSB access card anytime they are in need of it. However, when there is an issue in the process of obtaining the access card, either the staff or the students can use this Google Form to rectify the issue.

The access card comes with a fee, and this fee is not hidden. The fee is $30 for those applying for the first time and $30 for those applying for a replacement.

The access card gives students and staff access to so many benefits within the school environment, some of which include, but are not limited to;

  • University ID: The access card serves as a means of identity for both staff and students of the university. Without the card, students and staff may be denied access to some activities or benefits within the school.
  • RecCen: The school access card gives staff and students access to the school gym. If you’ve ever been to UCSB, you know how important it is to have access to the gym houses at all times. Students usually have fun working out together, socializing, and keeping fit.
  • Library Card: Students and staff must be able to present their access cards to be able to access some of the books and materials in the school libraries.
  • Door Access: To be able to have access to the school’s computer labs, science labs, school buildings, and the rest, students must be able to present the UCSB access card to be given a pass.
  • Event Pass: No student can ever enjoy being around UCSB without having access to some of the traditional events happening around the school. Events like athletic, inter-college football competitions, baseball competitions, etc.
  • Bus Pass: With the UCSB access card, students have access to ride on all on-campus MTD buses for free with their paid school fees.


The University of California, Santa Barbara is one of the most beautiful schools for an average income earner. There are lots of benefits attached to having the UCSB access card. Some of these benefits are listed in this article. However, you can reach out to the school site for more information.

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