There are lots of peace tea flavors as a result there is an increase in the demand for the superlative drink, daily.

This Coca-Cola product is regarded as one of the most sweetest and flavored tea due to its rich taste. It is been distributed in about 250 countries and still counting.

This shows how the beverage drink is being valued. It will interest you to know that the Coca-Cola Company is not the original owner of the peace tea beverage drink. It was founded in 2009 by Monster Beverage Company.

In 2015, the Coca-Cola Company acquired the right to start mass production of the highly demanded beverage drink.

The acquisition was made possible through the purchase of a certain percentage of the company’s (Monster Beverage Company) share.

According to studies, the Coca-Cola product is in high demand due to the can packing design and the marketing strength.

After the takeover, Coca-Cola spent time and fortune in packaging the tea can for easier marketing purposes.

When interviewed, some of the consumers in stores around New York City confirmed that they are obsessed with the Coca-Cola tea, indicating that they hardly go days without drinking their favorite flavor.

Some added that it has become part of their eating habit for the past 5 years and still counting. If you’re one of the addicts of the beverage drink and wish to know more about the different flavors of this Coca-Cola product, pull a seat and relax as we take you through the list we have prepared based on popular opinions.




The success recorded by the company these days can be attributed to the idea of having different but tasteful flavors that make consumers keep coming back for more.

The following are the best-selected peace tea flavors.

  1. The Caddy Shack: the Caddy Shack comes with a pleasant taste made of tea and lemonade that gives the whole beverage a juicy taste. There is a balance in the amount of lemonade and tea mixture used in the production of Caddy Shack. The lemonade makes this particular tea the favorite for many, and they have given positive reviews about this. The Caddy Shack is not too sweet to leave an awkward taste after drinking it.
  2. Razzleberry Tea: the Razzleberry is no doubt one of the best Coca-Cola tea you can think of. Is it the tastefulness? Thickness? Or the after-effect feelings that it leaves the consumers with? I can recall in one interview a woman in a mini-store said that apart from water, that Razzleberry is the only liquid that she takes. This according to her has been her lifestyle for the past 3 years. If you are a big fan of berries, Razzleberry is the next tea you should be trying.
  3. The Pineapple Groove Zer-Oh Sugar: I enjoy every aspect of the advert used in promoting this particular flavor. The thick Pineapple juice gives the consumer a tropical experience that is out of this world. Interestingly, individuals looking for ways to reduce or stay away from sugar-related drinks are encouraged to take Pineapple Groove Zer-Oh Sugar. It is natural; it contains no added sugar and no preservatives.
  4. The Hello Mango: for Mongo lovers like me, this particular flavor is for us [LoL]. It comes with a rich taste that refreshes with the required amount of Mango acidity. The Hello Mango is not too sweet, every mixture was done accurately.
  5. The Georgia Peach: when chilled, the Georgia Peach tea gives that nourishing taste that rejuvenates your strength. It has mild bitterness and mild sweetness, crowned with a rich peach flavor that leaves the consumers to keep looking for more. I bet you won’t regret it if you try this beverage.




  1. The Green Tea: the Green Tea is a very popular beverage, as it is made for general consumption. It can be used by all because of its simple and rich taste. Most individuals among all other flavors choose Green Tea because the taste meets their moods almost all the time. You too can try.
  2. The Sweet Lemon: Ahaa! This article can’t be complete without the sweet lemon flavor. Having a sip of well-chilled sweet lemon takes one out of this world. According to some of the consumers, the sweet lemon blends with the kind of tasteful beverages that they enjoy. This helps in the high demand for this particular tea. Are you looking for a way to treat your taste bud? Try sweet lemon and you will take me later.
  3. The Sno-Berry: all peace tea flavors have good tastes, but the Sno-berry has been rated above most the other beverages. It will interest you to know that this particular berry beverage was made from a combination of natural blueberry and white tea. This combination is one of the most successful berry combinations in the history of beverage making.
  4. The Cheeky Cherry: this particular beverage is found mostly in Canada, and it has been praised over the years for the role it plays in bonding lovers and families together. The beverage is made out of cherry berry and it is known to be very sweet.
  5. The just peachy: the just peachy beverage is found in Canada and it is also known as the “peach party” the well-refined berry gives the consumers that refilling energy and vibe that is needed. It has a mild sweetness and no sour or bitter taste.


The peace tea flavors are very rich in all ramifications and must be tasted if you need something to delight your soul.

We encourage you to walk into any of the malls and get any of the flavors that meet your taste.

Do you think we have omitted any of the peace tea flavors? Let us know through the comment box below.

See yah!.  

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