If you have been to or live around the United Kingdom, you must have heard of the flight club Manchester. However, if you are hearing about the most conducive arena for relaxation in the world for the very first time, welcome and relax as we have got you covered.

When it comes to the best places for relaxation and enjoyment in and around the UK, Flight Club Manchester remains the number one suggestion, where you can get the best services for your money. Before we go into all that the flight club has to offer, let’s help you with some tips about the great country known as the United Kingdom.


The United Kingdom is an island around the Northwestern Coast of mainland Europe. The UK contains all the Great Britain countries such as Wales, Scotland, the Northern part of Ireland, and England.

Most of the time, Great Britain is referred to as the United Kingdom, but the UK is not the only country found in Great Britain. The capital of the UK is London. The city (London) is regarded as one of the leading commercial, cultural, and financial centers in the world.

The UK is said to originate from the Anglo-Saxon King Athelstan. The UK is almost surrendered by water if not the land border it shares with the Irish republic. Generally, the UK is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit and the flight club Manchester is one of those places.



Steve Moore and Paul Barham co-founded flight club Manchester in 2012 through an opportunity to invest that came to them while hanging out in a Devon Pub. They discovered that young people who were around the area were having massive fun using a dartboard game.

The duo (Steve and Paul) went into discussion on how to recreate the dartboard game they saw which they noticed was fast, exciting, and loud, unlike the traditional darts.

With the curiosity to create something extraordinary, the flight club was able to give them (Steve and Paul) an opportunity of bringing out the enthusiasm that traditional British pubs have towards social darts.

Even though the two investors had no knowledge or experience in the hospitality business, they were able to employ experts in the field to actualize their ideas.

Social darts are regarded as an interesting experience that connects individuals, families, and their friends together for unlimited pleasure and relaxation. The club has been in business for years and still running.

It has a range of multi-player games that are fast and very enjoyable. Customers who have visited the club for the past ten years enumerated how they have enjoyed different delicacies, wines, and all other assorted drinks for their pleasure.

The club’s pizza is regarded as one of the best pizzas with a delicious taste. Tourists are not left behind. Visitors from all parts of the world who are in the United Kingdom for pleasure or for business have suggested that it makes no sense to visit the UK without a stopover at the flight club Manchester, which would be a waste of tourism.



As a hospitality business, individuals across the globe frequently ask questions regarding the club, because they wouldn’t want to visit the relaxation center only to be disappointed. Some of these questions we have been able to address in this article.

  1. Can anyone walk into the club? Yes, walk-ins are encouraged in the club, but whether you will be granted entry all the time is not guaranteed. This may be a result of the caliber of people who visit the club from time to time. E.g., country presidents, captains of industries, etc.
  2. When was the club opened? The club was officially opened in 2012 and since then has been in business. This indicates that the club has been in business for ten years now (2012-2022).
  3. Any age limit to access the club? The club can be accessed by anyone not minding their age. Parents usually visit the club with their children and they are allowed. However, anyone who wishes to play any of the games in the club must be 18 years and above.
  4. Any dress code for entry? There is no dress code to access the flight club in Manchester. Any of the visitors are encouraged to dress as decently as possible.
  5. What type of games is in the club? There are lots of games in the club. However, there are 5 major games and they include; Quack, Demolition, Ladders, Shot and Snakes, and K!ller.


Visiting the flight club Manchester is one of the best things that someone can experience in this 21st century. The club has everything needed to stay entertained. There are lots of drinks for the men, pizza for the ladies, games for the children, something for everyone. If you have any plans to visit the United Kingdom anytime soon, or you live in the UK currently, we encourage you to visit this entertainment epicenter for your relaxation, connection, and value for your money.


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