The Ez school apps are educational software that has been of tremendous help to school owners, parents, and students.

According to tech reviewers, Ez School apps are end-to-end resourceful educational tools greatly designed for different institutions. It comes with a classy web portal that contains various options for parents, teachers, administrators, and students.

The resourcefulness of Ez School app has made it stands out from the rest because it contains all that every school needs to run a successful institution.

Business schools, professional colleges, colleges, high schools, and even primary school owners have given their verdict on the usefulness of this app. The app needs no maintenance as it runs smoothly as it has been installed and signed up successfully.

However, there are two ways to own and use the Ez school apps, it is either you get a hosting company to host and maintain the apps on your behalf, or better still, you can host the apps.

The self-hosting indicates you have in-house technicians that can help in maintaining and running the app for your institution.

The app is currently used by over 900 institutions across the globe, this widespread acceptance can be linked to the fact that Ez School apps have a most friendly interface, and allows multi-users, its features are unsurpassed compared to what is found on other educational apps.



Why Choose Ez School Apps?

Before now, you must have read somewhere about its usefulness. Or better still, you are seriously in need of Ez school apps because your institution directed you to perform one task or the other. There are various reasons why you should choose Ez school apps, they include but are not limited to;

  1. The ability to access tutorial videos
  2. The app gives the user system-defined alerts
  3. Best in fast navigation
  4. All available graphs are analyzed
  5. Activity SMS integrations are done seamlessly
  6. When payments are done, the app gives instant online alerts on rejections or approvals
  7. Most friendly and easy interface
  8. Auto mail delivery
  9. Use of smartphones in monitoring the app
  10. With just bar-code scanning, one can easily print payment vouchers



What Are The App Core Features?

Every app comes with some notable features that make them stand out. For the Ez school apps, almost all the features perform incredible functions in proving a complete app. Some of the features include;

  1. Library: this online library is open to students and staff of the institution who wishes to gain access to some of the materials online for learning research purposes.
  2. Scholarships: the scholarship option is meant for the students of the institution who needs financial help or for international students who wish to study in the institution for free or on a partial scholarship.
  3. Inventory: this takes care of all the institution’s inventories.
  4. Fee (Billings): this is for all payments that students need to make.
  5. Academics: it has to do with all the academic-related activities found within the institution.
  6. Attendance: this is for staff and students’ attendance at work or classes.
  7. Scheduling: this helps the users in making appointments. E.g., students can use this feature to book an appointment to see a teacher, etc.
  8. Financial and accounting: it takes care of all finances in the institution.
  9. Leave and payroll processing: this option is used in the tracking of payroll by the staff or to know when annual leave is due.
  10. Students and staff database: the students and staff database indicate the storage of all information concerning staff or the students. Some of the information includes; name, identification number, grades, etc.
  11. Lesson planning: here, teachers and students can plan their lessons. The planning includes duration, topic, etc.
  12. Dorm or Hostel management: through this app, students can book their hostels or dormitory when they are new or returning as old students.


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