If you are in the UK and you are thinking about hair fashion, look no further, as Capital Hair and Beauty is the answer. Across the UK, hair beauty has been an age-old tradition in which women from all walks of life try to maintain a decent hair lifestyle.

Aside from women, men can also be found doing hair and beauty in some capacity. This may include artists, fashion icons, and general celebrities who go for a certain hairstyle to stand out and for fame.

Capital Hair and Beauty Limited is a private limited company incorporated on March 11th, 1954. The company is located at Crowhurst Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN18AP. It started as a scissor sharpening company in 1954 at its inception.

But over the years, Capital Hair and Beauty Limited have grown into different stages of the fashion business to what it is today. Today, in the UK, the company is recognized as the largest supplier of hairdressers, nail technicians, and beauty therapists.

As hair fashion keeps expanding, the company now has up to 59 outlets across the UK and Ireland where customers can now buy and use any of the capital hair products. Due to the quality of its products and services, the company has an ever-growing (satisfied) customer base in the UK as of today.



Before now, the company was known and addressed as D.E.L Supplies and was into animal grooming supplies, professional hairdressing, and clippers and scissors sharpening services. In around 1980, the company’s first cash and carry wholesale outlet was opened in Hayes, Middlesex.

This helped the company to move from depending on the sales rep to transact business to a more free cash flow strategy that changed. When another cash and carry shop was opened in Hove, Kingston, Dagenham, Bournemouth, Aldershot, and Croydon, Capital Hair and Beauty became the first hair company to make sales on Sunday to be able to satisfy its ever-growing customers.

In the 1990s, the business witnessed growth as lots of outlets were opened around Portsmouth, Honddson, Harrow, Bristol, Gillingham, Walsall, Southampton, and Patcham. This expansion saw the company record its highest sales in a single year.



In the 2000s, the expansion of the company continued with the establishment of major warehouses around Dagenham, Ipswich in 2001, Norwich in 2002, Eastbourne and Wolverhampton in 2003; the launch of Capital Hair and Beauty’s first e-commerce website in 2004, a new store opening in Ashford in 2006, expansion into England and Scotland in 2008, and a new store in Crawley in 2009.

Furthermore, the company recorded another milestone with the opening of a new store in Northern Ireland and another store opening in Tunbridge Walls, while in 2013, Capital Hair and Beauty recorded the opening of a second Ireland store.

In 2014, to mark her 60th anniversary, Capital Hair and Beauty organized VAT-free offers to customers, coupled with a Christmas giveaway of an IPad to celebrate the year’s Christmas. This successful business story has continued to date, making the company one of the most successful business names in hair and beauty lines across the UK.


Capital Hair and Beauty is no doubt a household name in the hair business across the UK. The humble beginnings and tremendous growth of the company show that it has a solid background and can be trusted when it comes to business and providing professional services.

Customers through reviews have indicated that the company is well packaged and understands the business. Are you in the UK looking for where to get professional hair or beauty services? Hey, try Capital Hair and Beauty.



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