Online streaming has been fun through the use of some streaming apps, Hulu is one of those apps, but how to perform Hulu download has become a great challenge.

Hulu was founded in October 2007 by the Walt Disney Company. The platform has over 45.6 million subscribers, as they provide television series and film libraries through NBC, ABC, and FX networks.

Before now, the company was a joint venture existing between NBC universal, Providence Equity Partners, and News Corporation, then, later to Walt Disney Company. Hulu added “plus” to her name in 2010, making the company the first streaming platform to achieve it.



Services That Hulu Render

The Hulu Company offers a wide range of services, but it is well known as a streaming platform. Before and after the upgrade to Hulu plus in 2010, the platform has been providing entertainment services such as; a film content library, day-after access to newly launched, access to more episodes contents, etc.

The Hulu Plus app was developed on different platforms such as video game consoles, mobile apps, digital media players, etc. at 2011, the Hulu Plus had about 1.5 million subscribers, but later in 2015, with 9 million subscribers, the Hulu Company announced to the general public her intentions to discontinue the “HuluPlus” and revert it to “Hulu”.

Hulu renders paid services in the sense that for one to access the content or film library, the individual must subscribe. The subscription ranges from $12 to $14 per month, but later in 2019, the price was reduced to $11.99 per month with no ads contents.



How to Download Hulu App

It is very simple when it comes to downloading the Hulu app, but it all depends on what device you are putting it on. While the downloading process with the android device is different, IOS users use different means to download the app.

  1. iPhone & Ipad

Getting the Hulu app on iPhone or iPad is quite easy, all you need do is go to the App store > search (type in Hulu) > Get > open the app and sign up.

  1. Android Users

To download the app on the android device, go to Google play store > go to search (type in Hulu > click on install > click ok > open the app and sign up.

  1. Android TV

Most smart TVs come with the Hulu app, if yours has it; all you need to do is, sign up to be able to access the contents. However, if your TV doesn’t come with the app, go to Google play store > go to search on the left-side navigation panel > click on download > open the app to sign up.

  1. Apple TV

Just like the Android TV, Apple TV usually has the Hulu app preinstalled. Click on the app to sign up. But if it is not preinstalled, go to the app store > search Hulu > select the Hulu app > open the downloaded app to sign up.

  1. Echo Show

For Echo show users to be able to access the Hulu film library, they need to get the Hulu skills through the use of the Alex app. All they need to do is; open the Alex app on their mobile device and log in > in the sidebar, go to settings > click on TV & Videos > click on Hulu on the list of Skills > enable Skill >then, login with your email address to access the film library contents.






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