The stock market is an official marketing space that requires public holidays like other forms, one of which people are most interested in understanding is the US stock market holidays. Public holidays are days mapped out in honor of an event or people.

Holidays are days that laws of a given country indicate for citizens to suspend activities within working-place e.g., banks,  schools, government agencies, etc. the days allow individuals to celebrate a given event like religious induced e.g., Christmas, New year, Sallah, etc.

Shutting down activities affects business-related activities such as the stock market. Observing public holidays is one thing that investors don’t want when it comes to their business. Generally, the stock trading periods start from Mondays through Fridays.

The time is usually from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For some popular stock exchange outfits like New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), there are approximately 9 holidays observed yearly by the stock investors.

If any of the public holidays happen to be on Saturday, the Friday following the Saturday is observed as a public holiday, while for Black Fridays and Christmas Eve, the stock market operates half days.





FAQs about US Stock Market Holidays 

  1. How many public holidays are observed in a year by stock markets in the US?: there is a total of 9 holidays and 2 partial holidays observed in the US stock market.
  2. Is there a possibility of adding more holidays?: this is an interesting question and the answer is typical Yes! There is a move by the US Congress to add more days to the existing public holidays e.g., June 19th in commemoration of the end of the slave trade.
  3. What if the holiday falls on Saturday?: when this happens, it is expected that the Friday following the Saturday is observed as the public holiday.
  4. What if it is on Sunday?: this happens from time to time, in this case, the Monday following the Sunday is observed as a public holiday.
  5. Is there a holiday on 25th December?: well, I can say it is a partial holiday because businesses close by 1:00 PM.


List of US Stock Market Holidays

  1. January, the Martin Luther King jr. Day: the 17th of January every year is specially reserved for the freedom fighter, Martin Luther King. This holiday is so public that all the activities in the US are closed down to honor the day.
  2. Third Monday of February, President’s Day: the day is set aside to honor individuals that have served in the number seat (presidency) of the United States of America. The holiday is celebrated specially to honor George Washington for leading the Continental Army into victory in the American Revolutionary War.
  3. April, Good Friday: the Good Friday is celebrated in commemoration of the death of Christ on the cross of Calvary. There is no particular date for this public holiday, but it can fall in March, April, or May. Extensively, it is the Friday following Easter Sunday.
  4. Last Monday of May, Memorial Day: Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Mondays in May every year in commemoration of Army men and women who lost their lives during their service years in the US Army.
  5. Observance of Juneteenth (June 19th): the Juneteenth day is set aside as the emancipation or Independence Day, commemorating the end of slavery. Juneteenth is the name gotten from combining June and nineteenth.
  6. Independence Day, July 4th: this is a public holiday in the US for the commemoration of US independence from Great Britain in the year 1776. Different events are organized by family and friends to celebrate the day.
  7. Labor Day, the first Monday in September: this holiday is in honor of the workers and laborers for their contributions to the development of the United States. This is so special as it gives the laborers sense of belonging that all their efforts are appreciated.
  8. Thanksgiving Day, November: this is an international holiday celebrated in different countries on different days to thank God for so many things including the blessings of harvest festivals. The target is to give thanks to God for the blessings enjoyed throughout the year.
  9. Christmas Day: this is a popular holiday celebrated all over the world. Every business is closed to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. The stock market as well is closed during this period just like every other business.


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