When it comes to U.S. visa application, the tourist or visitor’s visa is the most common, accessible, and easiest U.S. visa to obtain, but notwithstanding its accessibility, most intending applicants keep asking how to apply for the USA tourist visa.

The tourist visa also known as the B-2 visa grants the applicants a 90 day stay in the U.S. the 90 days is assumed to be enough for the visitor to complete whatever his/her is coming to do in the U.S.


And after the expiration of these 90 days, the individual is expected to leave the country, and refusal to do this may lead to the immigration officers booking such individual for committing visa fraud and may be banned for life.

Applicants for the Tourist visa must be between 14-79 years of age. This is the standard age bracket that is allowed to apply for this visa type, as people within this age are assumed to be able to take responsibilities as filling of the visa application form and other application documentation.

Those below the age of 14 years or above the age of 79 i.e 80 years and above are qualified to make their visa application through courier. The courier visa information can be found here.

For the Tourist visa application, there are two (2) steps involved and can be found below;


Step One

In the Tourist visa application, you are expected to fill out the online DS-160 form after which you can print it out. This form is meant for every applicant regardless of age. This indicates that individuals below the age of 14 and those above 80 years can fill as well.

Step Two

The second step in the Tourist visa application is to pay the MRV application fee and book an appointment for an interview which can be done by clicking Here. Those applying for the first time are to click on “Apply” while old applicants who already have accounts are to click on “continue”  

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