Southall Travel Limited is one of the longest-serving travel agents in England. Located in the heart of the municipal Borough of Southall, the company became popular because of its style of service and customer satisfaction base.

The private travel agency was founded in 1984 in the United Kingdom. The company has made the Sunday Times Top Track250 and Sunday Times Fast Track100.

Southall is owned by Kuljinder Bahia and has recorded tremendous financial growth, as the company started with revenues of £500,000 in 1991 and has grown to revenues of £240 million in 2011. Apart from being a travel and tourism agency, Southall is also into car rental, travel information and consultation, insurance, businesses, items, etc.



Interestingly, the company has both physical and online services where customers can book flights and get other services. Southall, in 2007, launched “The Holiday Team,” which is also known as a business-to-business outfit that renders holistic travel services.

The holiday team joined the Truly Independent Professionals Travel Organization (TIPTO) in 2013, becoming its 13th member. The Applehouse Travel is another outfit run by Southall Travel which handles the company’s (Southall’s) cooperative travel business.

In 2013, the award-winning travel agency launched “The Travel Trolley,” which offers bookings on flights and holiday packages. It is also responsible for long-haul travel across the whole of the UK, and works hand-in-hand with the global-airline-alliance.



Traveling can be very tedious sometimes, especially when you are planning on traveling for the first time. Travel agencies are known to be helpful in handling some of the pitfalls associated with traveling. Southall Travel is no doubt known for its quest to satisfy customers in areas like vacations, accommodation, and other travel-related issues. You, as a customer, can benefit from the following when you work with Southall Travel agency:

  1. Knowledge of destination: one of the services that Southall agency offers is detailed knowledge of the country or place you are visiting. Visiting a country for the first time without prior knowledge of the do’s and don’ts in the country, the people’s culture, lifestyle, places of interest, etc, can pull an ugly outcome. The knowledge (especially positive knowledge) of a place increases the interest and urge to complete the journey.
  2. Convenience: working with a travel agency brings nothing but convenience on the side of the customer (traveler). From the moment you initiate the discussion with the agent, the company takes care of all the steps involved in completing a safe trip to your destination and back to your home. It gives you peace of mind because you’re assured that everything is well taken care of. Not only that, you will be more relaxed because you have experts in this area handling your case.
  3. It is their job: the agents are experts who are well schooled in this area. Visas, destinations, hotel reservations, in-town movements, sightseeing, and so on are all important considerations wherever you go.
  4. Saves time: Working with a travel agent saves lots of money. This is very true because they (agents) know how to gather everything needed for your trip. Everything will be done in accordance with the travel laws of your country of destination.
  5. Less stress: paying an agent or travel agency for your travel arrangements allows you to relax and plan your activities in your destination country.


Southall Travel Limited has been the bedrock of the travel business in the UK until now. Working with them has proven to be the best option and the most reliable.



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