It is not by accident that you are here, everyone here has a common interest which is to gain a US student visa. Before now, one of the hardest student visas to get is that of the US, but, it is pretty much easier now with our tips.

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Students who are looking for study visas in the United States are either students who have finished the university, College, or English language school.

Before I introduce the steps in applying for a US student visa, it is important you understand the types of US visas for students as it will guide you when making visa chooses.



F-1 visas are for full-time students.  

F-2 visas for dependents of F-1 visa holders (e.g., husband, wife, children under 21 years, same-sex couples).

F-3 visas are for students who live in other countries around US borders but attend school in the US (e.g., Mexicans, Canadians, etc).   

M-1 visas are for non-academic studies like vocational studies.

M-2 visas are for dependents of M-1 (as in F-2 above).

M-3 visas are for border commuters (as in F-3 above).

J-1 visas for students on an exchange program.

J-2 visas are for dependents of J-1 (as in F-2 above).


The following steps will guide you in your US student visa application;

Step 1

The first step in a United States student visa application is to first apply for admission to the institution you want to study. Application instructions are on the website of all the schools. It is only when you have been accepted that you can apply for the visa. Of course, all information you will need in the visa application is on the acceptance letter. The documents you will receive include; I-20 for an F-1 visa or DS-2019 for a J-1 visa. It is advised that you feel these forms carefully to avoid mistakes.

Step 2

The next thing is to book an appointment for your visa interview. Remember, you will be required to make payment for your application. Students’ visas are one of the easiest US visas to get; they can be issued 120 days before the date on your I-20 form. All you need to do is avoid mistakes as it will jeopardize the progress.  If you are finding it difficult in filling the form, do well to read more Here for further guidance.


Step 3

At this stage, you are required to fill another form online. Currently, the United States uses a new non-immigrant visa form also known as DS-160. This form replaces all other forms used in this visa application; this indicates that if you fail to fill this form or make mistakes, it thwarts the visa progress. Here is the Link to guide you on filling it correctly.  

Step 4

Now, it is time to prepare for your visa interview. We have advised applicants to apply for visas early enough before the date of school resumption. Having concluded the visa application three (3) before resumption will give you enough time to prepare for your visa interview. Gather all information you will need, dress properly/formally, and answer all questions completely.

Tips in Visa Interview Preparation 

  1. Tell the truth
  2. Give specific answers
  3. Bring to the interview your bank statement or employment proof
  4. Be calm, the interviewer is watching
  5. State clearly your study plans
  6. Wear a suit or cooperate dress




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